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The grandfather of Angelo Barbagallo told that the best pasta is produced using two ancient varieties of wheat almost disappeared, “ Senatore Cappelli” and “ Timilia” ("tuminia"), the summer high ear wheat of which Goethe spoke in his "Journey Sicily in 1700, "the rescue and development of these qualities with the optimal mixture that was used a hundred years ago is the goal of our research, a research that aims only to providing the consumer of our times the same quality and the same taste of a product uncontaminated as tradition.

The ancient qualities, widely used in the past, have been supplanted in the last fifty years by new low ear varieties  "more productive", created through the use of forcing (and in some cases even residue of World War II), although at the expense of authenticity and taste. We firmly believe that many of incredibly popular gluten allergies arise from this very exasperated agriculture technology, which led to the creation of more and more high-protein grain quality.

Our mission is to save the ancient qualities of grain, which are genetic heritage belonging to the Mediterranean biodiversity; For this reason some years ago the company has started an internal path tending to the search, rescue and recovery of old varieties to offer a true alternative to our consumers compared to other products on the market.

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