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The raw material that is used for our pasta comes from a shortlist of selected suppliers, historically linked to the company Barbagallo from different generations, strictly Sicilian who share our  focus on quality and passion for organic;  for this reason, the company has established over the years a close relationship with the consortium Crisma which tends to valorise the quality of durum sicilian wheat .

The pasta thus obtained is the result of a unique feature: to combine the production of the raw material to the milling process and the pasta production in a narrow chain that controls meticulously, locally, all stages of the process, from the origin to final product .

The passion for excellence and exasperated quality research led the company in recent years to rediscover and cultivate, starting with a few handfuls of seed, also ancient Sicilian wheat qualities, now almost extinct, in the land that sun-kissed look to Taormina, to provide for years to come an excellent and rare product, not simply organic, but also obtained by a  guaranteed and narrow supply chain between the nature and the consumer.

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