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Since Roman times Sicily has always been considered as the granary of Italy and in the early 1920s Barbagallo’s wheat mill was set up in the same building as today,  milling on a daily  the best quality Sicilian Durum Wheat in order to produce Barbagallo’s range of pastas.

In the 1930s the factory started the distillation of aromatic herbs, citrus fruits & flowers from the surrounding area to sale to the worldwide –this provided the local area of Fiumefreddo with very positive impact for employment and the local environment.
This market remained strong until the 1950s,  when the cheaper synthetic fragrances took over from the more expensive natural products

In the 1950s  Barbagallo Company started the production of the Hydrocolloid, Locust Bean Gum, a natural gum extracted from the seeds of carob “Ceratonia Siliqua”, an ancient tree which grows only on Mediterranean area.

In 1979 Dr. Giuseppe Barbagallo, after years of personal research, abandoned the tried and tested chemical process in favour of the more environmentally friendly thermo-mechanical cleaning process and still today this  gum is one of the most natural and healthy additives available in food preparations.

Between 2002 and 2009, all of the Pasta production lines were replaced by state of the art and environmentally friendly equipment which maintained the traditional low temperature slow drying process but recycling the hot air energy – a marriage of the oldest Sicilian art of making pasta whilst aligned with the latest standards of health and food safety.

The company headquarters and factory site have been preserved in the historical location in Fiumefreddo di Sicilia from 1911 in which co-exist in separate buildings the wheat milling plant, the pasta production lines, the Locust Bean Gum and distilling machinery for the Essential Oils – all constantly upgraded to meet today’s exacting standards.

The company is still  run  by the second & third generation of Angelo Barbagallo's son Giuseppe & Grandson Angelo. The family members work every day with passion to maintain the high quality standards and to give always to the consumers and to the customers exactly the quality that they expect.

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