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In 1990, when the passion for organic farming was still uncommon, our processes were already part of a common sicilian project controlled by Nature et Progrès, and the idea to save traditional organic food was pursued by an élite, driven by a passion for healthy eating and respect for nature.
Today organic identity of food has become a fashion index and a commercial strategy carried out also by some industrial manufacturers which consider organic just a marketing tool. But the actual popularity of organic food, if not supported by other others pillars, could crumble with the same speed.

Organic,  identified as the only identity that supports different values of a special food, soon will be considered a standard.  In fact the organic certification is just one of different pieces that represent the legitimate expectations of consumers to aspire to a healthier diet and more environmentally friendly agricolture.
Those pioneers who 30 years ago were working passionately to make organic products,  today consider organic certification only an obvious premise, and want to discover other complementary qualities about the origin, processing methods, and the environmental impact that makes the difference against massive productions.
Only a manifacturer historically linked to the world of agriculture where organic farming is practiced from thousands of years, that still use traditional  techniques, has all the prerequisites to attend to a next phase of bio 2.0.,  where the organic certificate becomes just one of the essential ingredients for our consciousness of consumers.

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