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  Locust Bean Gum is a polysaccharide with unique properties, extracted from the seeds of  the  centenary Carob tree (Ceratonia Siliqua) which grows wild in Syria, Asia minor and in the Mediterranean basin and  gives a natural  high quality  food additive which is successfully employed in a wide range  of food preparations.

  Locust bean gum is compatible with other hydrocolloids as well as carbohydrates and proteins and gives good performances in a wide pH range. This additive is extremely versatile as a thickener or viscosity modifier, stabilizer and suspending agent; it can be used in several products (sauces, milk and cheese, cake and biscuits, pie filling, canned meat, frozen confections) and since it does not contain gluten, it is indicated for celiac patients food. A particular grade of locust bean gum is also used for several pet food productions.

  It contributes to make lowering the cost of customers production retaining more water and making end products more beautiful, attractive and creamy. A very small addition of organic locust bean gum is sufficient to improve the quality and cheaper to use than other solutions

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