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The company, located in the territory for over one hundred years, is a pillar of sustainability.
The ancestors founded the A. Barbagallo Mauro with the aim of enhancing local productions;  all the processes developed by the company during the Hundred Years began starting from the most beautiful and characteristic products that Sicily offers, durum wheat typical of the sunny valleys of the heart of the island, the fruit of the carob tree, a plant native to the south and citrus fruits from the gardens along the coast.

The processing of these products are made fully respecting the environment, in any sector this philosophy has been applied completely: in the sector of locust bean in fact, has been abandoned for over eighty years the system of chemical decortication which is still used in many countries, to switch to a thermo mechanical system, which not damages the surrounding ecosystem; the cleaning of the grain is carried out through a dry system, thus prevent waste of enormous amount of water; wheats that are processed are grown in view of a supply chain as short as possible between the farmer and the consumer; during the pasta making, the techniques applied are the same that were used in the last century when paste was dried slowly in the sun, in fact, the drying process is even today only at low temperature, while the pasta commonly sold is produced at high temperatures, medium-high or very high with a great waste of thermal energy.

Great attention is paid to the source of energy used during the process, coming largely from photovoltaic systems located on the roof of the buildings and the water from the springs of Mount Etna that runs deep below the factory; the same factory is an example perfect marriage between ancient traditions and modern technology, as it was one hundred years ago, is immersed in a garden of citrus, in a context in which it seems an old Sicilian villa.

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